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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Supposedly it's easy to re-design a blog to make it look cool and interesting.....mmmm...whatever. I'm going for the vintage look here. That'll just make it worth a million dollars in a few years.

If you're ever gonna upload a book as an ebook, here are some things that you should do when you're finished..I hate trying to always find the information each time I do it, so here it is, all written down.

1) Get rid of excess spaces/paragraph returns, etc.

     - In Microsoft Word, go to Editing/Replace, and search for the following -
                -  '^p^p   and replace this with  '^p'   (extra paragraph returns are no-no's)
                - '^t'     and replace it with nothing. (no tabbing allowed).
                - click the spacebar twice, and replace it with one click of the space bar
                - search for '.(space)(space)' and replace it with '.(space)'.  In this day and age, you should only have one space after any period.
                - Search for  ',(space)(space)' and replace it with ',(space)' . Same thing with commas.

2) Change your font. Click the little arrow in the bottom right corner under Paragraph and a dropdown menu appears..

This seems to work well for me.

3) How to make a clickable table of contents -

And then you make the title page, dedication page, etc., and this is what many companies are charging over $100 for..........

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